Types of Audits

Basically there are three types of Audit as given below:-

(a) Regulators Audit i.e. DGCA or CAA. The audit carried out by DGCA officials based on annual surveillance program or surprise audits or audits undertaken after occurrence of incident or accident.

(b) Internal Audit. Carried out by one of the Company Specialist like Chief/Deputy Chief of Flight Safety, QCM or any other person deputed by the CEO. The frequency of these audits is generally 3 months or as desired by CEO and are mandatory and checked by DGCA during their surveillance inspections.

(c) Third party Audits. These Audits are carried out by highly experienced and knowledgeable Auditors from organisations of repute. Third party audits have been found very useful since these are done by professionals who make a thorough job of the audit and give value for money.