NSOP Operations by Air Crafts & Helicopter

Professional services for obtaining Non Scheduled Operator’s Permit (NSOP), including preparation of all required documents, conducting associated paper work, obtaining the license and other related jobs. Detailed scope of work is mentioned below.

The scope of work for the NSOP is divided into two parts i.e.

  • Obtaining the NOC for NSOP from the MCA
  • Obtaining the final Permit (NSOP) from the DGCA


The activities involved in both the steps are as given below.

  • Obtaining NOC for NSOP from MCA;
  • Preparation and filing of application for NOC for NSOP to the Ministry of Civil Aviation (MCA).
  • Preparation of necessary reports like “Feasibility Report” and “Profitability Analysis” in the format prescribed by the MCA/DGCA.
  • Monitor and facilitate the progress of the application at every stage including security clearance of the Company Directors by IB, Narcotics and DRI.
  • Preparation of Manuals viz.
  • Operations Manual,
  • Security Manual,
  • Flight Safety Manual
  • Safety Management System Manual
  • Emergency Response Plan
  • Obtaining statutory clearances of all the Manuals from their respective agencies – Operations Manual from R&D, Airworthiness and Air Transport; Security Manual from Bureau of Civil Aviation Security etc.
  • Preparation of Business Plan for presentation to the Committee in MCA.
  • Organising Issuance of NOC for NSOP..
  • Organising Preparedness meeting with the DGCA for issuance of Import permission, if so required.
  • Submission of final documents such as Certificate of Registration, Certificate of Airworthiness etc. to DGCA for issuance of the Permit.
  • Obtaining the Permit from the DGCA ,once the aircraft has been imported/acquired, crew has been hired and the maintenance agency has been engaged.