Pilot Courses


What would a pilot course help you achieve?
Soaring through the white clouds on a crisp and sunny day,
you would be in control of your own flight,
and your destiny.
Now is your chance to finally fulfill your dream by applying to enroll in a pilot course. Either path of studies offered below should make your dreams come true.
Pilot Course List
Your flying lessons will be split up into two separate courses with vital flying lessons in each:

  • Either of the commercial multi-engine pilot courses through our ATP Flight School
    • Full FAA Course Flight Training Option
    • EASA/FAA Flight Training Course
  • Any of our individual classes
    • FAA Private Pilot License
    • FAA Instrument Rating
    • Commercial Pilot License

Entry Level Pilot Course
For international or domestic students trying to decide on a flight school, Epic Flight Academy is the only flight school that has designed an entry level course (Airline Skills Development). This course was designed to allow you to begin and evaluate your flight training in the U.S. and your career development direction. Epic also offers many individual modular courses designed for every budget.
Trustworthy Pilot Course
Our flight school stands on its own merit. Thousands of new flyers trusted Epic Flight Academy and obtained their license to fly. Look at so many of our past happy graduates’ flight experience.
Epic Flight Academy  was voted the number one Cessna Pilot Center and is a frequent award winner.
We have state of the art equipment and you can fly a plane that’s in this fleet at our school. We have courteous, certified and knowledgeable staff and open arms to educate you in your pilot course.
You will graduate with the right flight experience. We have graduated over 2,500 students and have seen them placed in over sixty-seven different countries.
Our philosophy is one of a kind, as we have your best interest in mind at all times. We are the leader in our business and truly take care of each and every one of our students.
Pilot Course Certification
Friendly Learning Environment
Students constantly complement us on our congeniality and hospitality, friendliness and helpfulness.
Our students and teachers would welcome a fantastic new addition like you at our school. Come and make lots of friends, learn from the best pilot courses, and start your new career.
Financing Your Pilot Course.
Flying lessons are made possible with any of our financial options.

  • grants,
  • financial loans,
  • credit card installments and
  • Payment plans.

We are motivated to make your dream of airplane flying come true.
We help you remove any obstacles that would deter you from achieving your dream.
You could be getting your flight training in sunny central Florida on the runways of New Smyrna Beach Municipal airport — the ideal location for any student of aviation courses.
Flight training can be more than an education. It is a lifestyle and even a career move. Read about what student life at flight school could be like for you — if you make the right choice.
Take a pilot course with a determined, safe, and reliable company. Contact Epic Flight Academy right now.
Apply for a pilot course at Epic Flight Academy.
Reach new heights.