Helicopter and Helideck Operations Auditing


The auditing of offshore helicopter and helideck operations is a primary requirement of the SMS in compliance with DGCA CAR Section 4 Series B Part III/ DOC 9261/ ICAO Annexure 14 Volume I and II/ OGP 390/ OGP 322. It is important to measure the effectiveness of the various elements of a helideck operation and to make an assessment of the overall performance. Doing so also provides a means for comparison when subsequent audits are carried out. Stringent safety procedures and design characteristics are essential for safe helicopter operations, whether it be a Heliport, Offshore Helideck, Ship-borne Helipad, or remote jungle Landing Site. The Heli-Logistics Helicopter Landing Site Quality System utilises internationally accepted criteria to ensure helicopter operations will be conducted in a safe and orderly manner. The Quality System incorporates ICAO Annex 14 Part II, CAP 437, OG&P recommendations, OPITO requirements and Industry Best Standards

A framework that is useful as the foundation for an audit can be obtained from the wide range of topics that are addressed in applicable regulations and industry guidance. In addition, the audit framework can be further enhanced arrangements and stated intent as set out in facilities SMS and Safety Case (where appropriate). Having established an audit framework, Auditors should normally conduct the audit onsite and elsewhere (as appropriate) by making visual observations of operations and equipment condition, undertaking system reviews of operating and inspection procedures/documentation and conducting personal interviews.