Flight School Admission

On the ground, we can’t move up and down very far.
Flying – moving freely in multiple dimensions –
is not only fun but can open opportunities.
Current pilots and previous graduates from flight school would congratulate you for choosing Epic Flight Academy.
On the ground, we can’t move up and down very far. Flying – moving freely in multiple dimensions – is not only fun but can lead to interesting career and travel opportunities. To take advantage of the rewards of aviation jobs as a safe, confident pilot, you must gain admission to the right flight school.
8 Crucial Things To Know Before You Go To Flight School
Before you gain admission to a flight school, you have to

  1. Follow the steps to get into an American flying school
  2. Know about the living accommodations
  3. See if transportation & travel is available in the area
  4. Discover what local activities will be around
  5. Read answers to frequently asked questions about attending flight school
  6. Understand career paths
  7. Choose a flight school
  8. Finance flight school
  9. Be ready for class start dates

Flight School Accommodations
We can arrange elite accommodation with relatively upscale amenities for our future pilots, or you can arrange your own accommodations if preferred. Taxis and other shuttles are available too.

Available Transportation & Travel
Epic Flight Academy provides transportation for flight school students directly between student housing (above) and the school.
Coming to New Smyrna Beach, Florida or traveling from the flight school to go for visits or whatever, it is great to know that our campus is just 10 minutes from Daytona Beach International Airport (KDAB) — the “Gateway to Central Florida”.

Local Activities
From our campus in New Smyrna Beach, Florida you can live and enjoy the unique and world famous Florida attractions: Beaches, science & tech, entertainment.

Flight School FAQ
Prospective students who are moving away to attend school have many questions. If you don’t see answers to your flight school questions in our FAQ, then you can click here to pose your ownaviation related question at StudentPilotFAQ.com.

Career Paths
Whether you want to learn to fly for recreation, be a corporate pilot, or become a commercial pilot, Epic Flight Academy is a perfect choice for you.

Choose a Flight School
Pilots love and live on check lists. Here’s a check list to help youselect an above average flight school — not an easy task. A rash, hurried decision can cause dire consequences. Read on and choose wisely. We used AOPA Flight Training magazine’s guide. Anyone interested in learning to fly can select the training organization that will meet the individual’s specific needs.

Flight School Financing
Student Loans and Financial Aid Options for admission to Epic Flight Academy.

Start Dates
Once you’ve done your due diligence, made the right choice and chosen us, and figured out how you’ll finance flight school (above), you need to pick a start date for flying lessons to begin, and apply.