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Global Express

Global Express is the ultimate Ultra-Long distance Business Jet. The aircraft has a cruise speed just below sonic level and is capable of using first class or secondary airports and basic short airfields in remote areas. Sporting an ultra wide cabin (2.49m X 147.2m) offers a quiet and comfortable non-stop transcontinental flight. The cabin set conference-style areas and stateroom. The baggage compartment at the rear of the cabin is accessible in flight. Conduct meetings and enjoy in-flight entertainment arrive to your destination feeling refreshed and rested. Ready to GO!


Capacity 2 Pilots 1 Flights Attendant + 13 Passengers
Power Plant Rolls Royce BR710 Turbo Fan Engines.
Max Cruise Speed Mach .88 - .85 at Max Service Ceiling 51,000 feet
Rate Rs.5,00,000 (Negotiable)
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